Amanda and Luis

To have seen the redemption in my sister’s life is to have witnessed a miracle. If you’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amanda in any capacity, you know that she does everything with excellence. As a student, an athlete, and then as a therapist she worked tirelessly to be the best. For many years, she experienced an excess of worldly success. Those years were also fraught with doubts and heartbreak and shame. Ultimately, she found herself in a deep dark pit of despair. And there, in her darkest moments, the Lord rescued her from herself and began to breathe new life into her soul. 

In a courageous display of faith, Amanda recently made life-altering decisions about her career and her purpose. She has allowed the Lord to direct her steps and she’s committed to following His plan for her life. And His good plan for her story now includes Luis. The beautiful thing about their love story is that it begins with a shared love for Christ. These are two people who have walked two vastly different journeys through pain and loss. Two people who faithfully responded to the Lord’s call on their lives to seek Him above all else. And in the most unexpected way, as they each surrendered their lives to Jesus, their paths began to cross.

The greatest joys rise from the ashes of the deepest sufferings. And sometimes our stories are so unbelievably wild that they can’t be anything but true. It will be beautiful to watch the marriage of these two and see all the good things the Lord is going to do through them. 







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