Adoption Support Alliance

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser for Adoption Support Alliance. ASA is a Charlotte based non-profit that provides support and services to local adoptive families. They offer adoption support groups, educational classes, and counseling. Through the work of ASA, adoptive families in the Charlotte region are better able to connect to one another and get the needed support to navigate the complexities of being an adoptive family. 

Our family has been richly blessed by ASA. The classes we have been able to attend and the families we have been able to meet have encouraged and equipped us to boldly move forward in our own family’s adoption journey. So I was eager to say yes when they asked for my help.

In the fall, ASA hosts a family photography fundraiser. Each family that purchases a ticket receives a 20-minute photography session with a local photographer. All the proceeds go to fund the work that ASA is doing year round. I’m incredibly thankful to all the families that came out to have their pictures taken!

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