The Anderson Family

Leslie loves to tell the story of when we first met. We lived on the same hall in a freshman dorm and she invited me to watch a movie with her and her roommate. And I didn’t go. In looking back, I guess our friendship could have ended there before it even began. But Leslie didn’t give up on me – the girl who blew off her invitation. By the end of that freshman year, Leslie was one of the people I had most enjoyed getting to know.

Now, 14 years later, my friendship with Leslie is one of my most cherished. We’ve seen each other through heartbreaks and loss, through countless jobs and transitions. We’ve lived together, traveled together, and we’ve had the honor of standing beside each other as we each said ‘I do’.

Leslie and her husband Mark recently welcomed their second baby. And they were kind enough to move to the Carolinas before doing so. I’m ecstatic to have one of my best friends living close enough for me to visit any time I want. And I’m so grateful to have gotten the chance to take these pictures of their precious family. Love you Andersons!











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