For those of us who struggle with the dark cold of winter, the warmth and light of spring are most welcome.  In spring, there are so many reminders of new life and of hope. And goodness knows we could all use a fresh dose of hope.

In winter, the trees are stripped bare and then made to wait. For long months, they stand waiting with empty branches. Waiting. Waiting for the winter to end. And when the snow does melt and the sun reappears, those same trees are given new life. The waiting produces something beautiful.

Waiting is hard. It can feel empty and lonely and dark. But winter can’t last forever. Spring is inevitable.

I’m thankful to be loved by a God who knows the pain of waiting. A God who watched his son die a terrible death on the cross and waited while his body lay in a tomb. On the third day, when Christ rose from the grave, the purpose of the waiting was revealed. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we receive new life. And that is reason to celebrate!


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