I can’t imagine my life in Charlotte without my friend Eden. Eight years ago, we both arrived in the Queen City looking for direction, for careers, and for community. We found our way to the same church and then to the same small group. Both raised in the deep south, we discovered that our lives had taken eerily similar paths. We had the same hurts, the same fears, the same love of Colin Firth. I have had the pleasure of watching Eden fall in love and marry the yankee of her dreams. And I have had the honor of praying with her to become a mother. I’m so privileged to be a part of this little guy’s life. He’s just about as cute as it gets.









One thought on “Isaac

  1. How precious are these photos, I love the detailed capture of Issac’s small fingers, it is such a blessing to see this!! Eden is very blessed to have you as a friend it is expressed in your words and photos how close she is to your heart.

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