At the beach

There’s a longstanding annual tradition in my family of spending a week together at the beach. A whole week away from the routines and obligations of our every day lives where we get to enjoy slow mornings, big meals, and time in the sun. I’m always thankful to get so much time in one of my favorite places with my favorite people.

It’s sometimes hard for me to find a balance between picking up my camera on vacation and putting it down. I can feel torn between capturing the moments and being present for them. I don’t want everyone else’s memories of me to include a camera in front of my face.  So I tried to make an effort this year to play more, to converse more, to enjoy more.

This is a short recap of our vacation. But let’s be honest… this is really just a summary of my nephew’s week at the beach with cameo appearances from the rest of the family.

The Johnsons

It is an honor to be asked to photograph a family; to be welcomed in to the intimate space of hugs and kisses between parents and their littles. In one quick hour I learn their nicknames for one another and discover what bribes work best for eliciting smiles from the kiddos. What I hope to preserve for each family is a record of a season of their lives. A series of images they can revisit in the years to come that remind them of the good places they have been.

The Johnsons have given me the greatest compliment by asking me back a second time to capture their family. I hope these pictures always remind you of the joy found in the gift of your boys!











The John Family

People often ask me what I most enjoy photographing. And my answer is always ‘children’. They are free to be fully themselves in a way that adults rarely are.

This family is a perfect example of the joy children bring in front of the camera. I asked these handsome boys to throw leaves at me and that was all it took to get them to laugh and run and let their little souls spill forth.