One year ago today, we prayed for God to hear our cry for a baby. While we were despairing over the hole in our family, a miracle was brewing in Texas. Because on this day last year, an amazing woman gave birth to a baby boy, and then proceeded to make (what I have to believe) was the hardest decision of her life. I harbor more love for her than I could ever put into words. She is the bravest, strongest, and kindest person. And because of her love for her son, I became a mother.
One year ago today, we received the phone call that set into motion a new chapter for our family. The last 365 days have been both exhausting and exhilarating. There are days that I look at my boy and can not believe that he has been entrusted to us. He is the epitome of joy – generously doling out smiles and giggles to anyone he meets. He is curious and observant. He loves music and animals and  playing in the water. His life is a daily reminder of God’s mercy and kindness.
Happy First Birthday to my miracle Milo!


In adoption, there are lots of days that are painfully hard. And then there are days where you get a phone call that your son has been born. Suddenly, the agony of the wait is swallowed up by joy.

This family has a unique and beautiful story. It’s a story that is near and dear to my heart because it’s woven together with so many of the same threads as my own family’s story. God has sustained the Teals as they waited for their son and He has blessed them with the most beautiful baby boy. The scriptures contain many references to the banner of the Lord. In victory over enemies, Moses declared that the Lord is our banner. Isaiah prophesied about the banner that will be lifted up to bring the people to Christ.  A banner makes a declaration. The life of this Banner is a declaration that the Lord is good.

“He brought me to the banquet room, and his banner over me is love.”  ~Song of Solomon 2:4


At just a few weeks old, baby Hannah is already expressing her feminine side. She’s dainty. She’s delicate. And she looks amazing in a tutu. This sweet little lady has got her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger. It’s pretty easy to see why!

Mollie & Carlos

These two. This wedding.

It was a day that so many had hoped for. A day where our friend Mollie would stand beside the one to which she was entrusting her heart. She is a friend who eagerly celebrates the people in her life. She is thoughtful with her words and generous with her compassion. On this day, the church was filled with people who have been recipients of Mollie’s love and care. And we were all thankful for this chance to celebrate with her.

She has found a kind and devoted partner in Carlos. Their marriage is a living testimony that God heals, grows, and blesses his children.



















Meet Hank. He weighs three pounds, he can just barely climb his way up the stairs, and he has the sweetest little puppy face you’ve ever seen. These siblings have had one week of getting to know their new pup, and they are all completely smitten.